World Suicide Prevention Day – 10 September, 2015
Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives is the theme of this year's ...

Youth Suicide Prevention – WOSU podcast
All Sides with Ann Fisher

Eleven children have taken their lives this year in Franklin County, setting a new ...

Training aims at dealing with the loss of suicide
Denise Meine-Graham speaks to would-be volunteers about helping those affected by suicide.

Suicide Prevention Services is a program of North Central Mental Health Services, a comprehensive community mental health program serving the people of Franklin County.

Over 100 highly trained volunteers staff the 24-hour crisis intervention phone lines, including the Suicide Prevention Hotline, the Senior Hotline and the Teen Hotline.

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depressed-young-manThe activities of the Suicide Prevention Coalition are largely focused on promoting awareness by engaging a wider base of NCMHS concerned stakeholders, developing public relations/media activities to educate the public at large, providing training to gatekeepers, and reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors among at-risk groups.

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